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Enterprise Strategy

Strategic Planning, A Catalyst for Change
Most organizations lack effective strategic planning and hospitals face both unique and growing challenges. To complete effectively, hospitals must change how they “plan” which, in turn, will require organizational/cultural changes.

Strategy: Leadership Retreats

Ten Things to Know About High Impact Leadership Retreats
Retreats present a unique forum to design and refine an organization’s strategy. Effective retreats enhance a health system’s market positioning, execution, culture and decision-making.

ACO Strategy

Progressive Healthcare on ACO
Steps to achieve strategic objectives via ACOs: moving past the hype and leveraging “ACO” initiatives for competitive advantage.

Care Management - ACO and CIN Development

Clinical Integration, What and Why
Discussion of the primary components of Clinical Integration and differentiation between Clinical Integration and Managed Care. This document also explores the relationship of Clinical Integration to Population Health. 

Clinical Integration, Why You Should Care
Detailed description of Clinical Integration; the rationale behind it and how ACOs "fit in"; and recommendations for providers to address the unrelenting pressure by all payors to reduce total medical expenditures.

Clinical Integration & Accountable Care Organizations
Discussion of the use of both short- and long-term plans for Clinical Integration as common tactic to differentiate a network of providers. Includes a thorough background of clinical integration and ACOs, as well as our observations and approach. 

Care Management - PBM Vendor Selection and Leveraging

Reducing the Cost of Employee Prescription Drugs
Discussion of tight PBM Vendor Management as a tangible method to reduce employee prescription drug costs.

Ambulatory Operations - Provider-Based Conversions

Medicare Site-Neutral Payment Updated for Final Rule
Discussion on focus for hospital leaders in response to 2017 Medicare limits to “reimbursement arbitrage” for most outpatient services, including new off-campus locations and services.

MACRA, The Changing Nature of Medicare Reimbursement
Overview and models that drive important changes in health delivery related to MACRA and evolution of “value-based reimbursement."

Ambulatory Operations - Clinical Program Design

Best Practices - Digestive Disorder Programs
Overview of best practices and features for the top Gastroenterology Programs in the US.

Best Practices - Endocrinology & Diabetes Programs
Overview of best practices and features for the top Endocrinology and Diabetes Programs in the US.

Best Practices - Heart Failure Programs
Overview of best practices and features for the top Heart Failure Programs in the US.

Managing Heart Failure as a Business
Discussion of corrective action and a key paradigm shift to pro-actively manage care for heart failure patients and address the financial drain experienced by many hospitals that treat heart failure inpatients.