Pharmacy Services

Strong and growing outpatient pharmacy margins can be an important offset to shrinking margins from other hospital services, particularly for 340B eligible institutions.  Well-developed outpatient pharmacy strategies can complement care management and payer initiatives, and add up to 50% in incremental margin.

Progressive Healthcare helps clients grow revenue, drive margin, and improve outcomes. A recently completed engagement identified opportunities to increase a client’s margin by 100% (doubling from $5 million to $10 million) earned under the 340 B program. This comprehensive assessment addressed: 

  • Priority HOPD physician clinic locations

  • Physician service agreements

  • Opportunities to increase owned and operating retail pharmacies

  • New IT system for retail pharmacies

  • Specialty pharmacy selection and contracting

  • Priority specialty clinic programs

Progressive Healthcare’s outpatient pharmacy advisory services include:

  • 340B Optimization:

    • Physician clinic development

    • Infrastructure assessment

    • Retail pharmacy (owned vs. contract)

    • Program compliance

  • Specialty Pharmacy Development:

    • Pharmacy selection and contracting

    • Clinical program development

  • Care Management Integration to increase targeted patient participation in active care management; increasing dispensing volumes while improving outcomes