Patient Throughput

If your facility’s Length of Stay (LOS) is greater than 4 days, then the opportunity exists for major improvement and savings by reducing ED admission delays, discharge delays, and excess LOS.  Every time you implement a new practice to reduce delays, do the delays return in a few months or pop-up in another area?  Quick fixes just don’t work.  If you want to reduce the staff stress and $ millions in wasted costs that come with excess LOS and Discharge delays, we have a program that will quickly assess and address the 12 key systemic drivers of patient throughput.

We can help you implement the key patient throughput capabilities without changing your EMR or making major process changes.The critical factor is changing provider and staff behavior to apply and sustain the improved practices.The secret is to focus more on WHAT people do than how they do it.Highly-skilled roles require a high level of self-direction and customization of work. Beware of regimenting their work into an exact step-by-step process or tool which will only frustrate them. Focus instead on clear, shared outcomes for a specific action by demonstrating simple tools and best practices. Once they agree on the outcome, action, and best practice, they will work to integrate it into their practices.

We can provide you with a patient throughput assessment, tools, best practices and coaching that can quickly demonstrate improved outcomes.  Within six months your organization will begin to see reduced delays and LOS.