Lean / Six Sigma

The tools and techniques for Lean Six Sigma have been well-established in healthcare for many years. Thousands of hospitals have invested millions of dollars in training and projects.  The dirty little secret is that less than 20% of Lean Six Sigma projects sustain their outcomes.  Within six months the staff has returned to their comfortable practices and the Lean Six Sigma improvements are lost in compromises, shortcuts, and indifference.  Therefore, the real challenge is not training staff to run Six Sigma projects but making the improvements STICK.

Our Lean Six Sigma approach includes applied behavioral science techniques that ensure that improvements are adopted and adapted to reach their full potential.  Our Lean Six Sigma black belt professionals will train your staff in how to design behavioral factors into their performance improvements so that the changes stick.  This means augmenting the engineering techniques with people skills.  The people-based solutions encourage new behaviors and reinforce outcomes with powerful passive rewards.  We can quickly demonstrate how to increase the efficacy of your Lean Six Sigma program and train your staff to utilize behavioral techniques that make a difference.