Joint Ventures

Our approach to joint ventures is rigorous, yet flexible. Fundamentally, our role is to serve as a catalyst for a Go / No go decision. The key elements include:

  • Identify the business rationale for the proposed collaboration. We strongly believe that establishment of a sound business rationale is the critical first step to developing a successful joint venture.

  • Define the evaluation criteria for the proposed joint venture. Examples include, but are not limited to:

    • Community benefit

    • Margin opportunity and the impact on access to capital

    • Investment in clinical programs, consistent with future market growth

    • Ease of implementation

    • Medical staff support

    • Implications for employees

  • Address the structure of governance issues.

  • As your objective advisor and facilitator, we identify and enable discussion of any substantive threshold issues as early as reasonably possible in the joint venture process.

  • Anticipate challenges and achieve consensus in critical areas, including:

    • Services to be provided by the joint venture

    • Ownership and initial capitalizaiton

    • Management

    • Managed care contracting and responsibilities

    • Ongoing capitalization

    • Exclusivity considerations

  • We will not recreate analysis unless it is essential for attainment of the engagement objectives.