Current trends are shifting patient care from hospitals to alternative, lower-cost settings. The pressure on practices to perform at increasingly high levels goes well beyond meeting all PQRS and MIPS requirements. By maximizing practice profitability and realizing all sources of hidden value, a practice can generate 4-7% in annual, incremental margin. Sources may include participating in Care Management services and advanced payment models.

Let us help your organization:

  • Develop comprehensive outpatient strategy for hospital outpatient departments (HOPDs), given rapidly-evolving reimbursement policies of Medicare and commercial payors

  • Maximize the profitability under current reimbursement models

  • Realize hidden sources of value inherent in all physician practicces

  • Quantify system-wide longer term financial and capital risk

  • Develop long range comprehensive ambulatory space and capacity plans

  • Maximize ROI from on-campus real estate and ambulatory space

  • Realign the business to take advantage of new reimbursement models and help negotiate beneficial commercial payor contracts

  • Provide Care Management services

We also help our clients by providing:

  • Ancillary and related services and product growth opportunities

  • Turnkey physician practice startup and management

  • Physician credentialing and payor contract negotiation

  • Physician compensation plan design and administration (bonus earn-out evaluation)